Barbecue Cleaning


        Beef Eater three burner bbq

Does your barbecue look like it’s seen better days? Before you go and spend money to replace it call the team at BBQ Rescue.

If you regularly entertain then a clean barbecue is a must. Not only will it look good, it will run and perform to the optimum level. A clean cooking surface is essential for hygiene and heath.

With years of BBQ cleaning experience, we vary the cleaning method to suit your BBQ and the materials its constructed from. The team at BBQ Rescue regularly review and improve these methods to ensure we are the best at BBQ cleaning. We do not use high pressure hoses which use excess of water and can damage your barbecue.

When you book a clean with BBQ Rescue, we also service your BBQ. This is the ideal time to check for any problems. Our senior technicians have many years experience specifically within the barbecue industry. We carry a large range of BBQ parts and can provide just about any replacements that may be required in the same visit. This is why BBQ Rescue is Your One Stop Mobile BBQ Service.

Our brilliant bio-degradable cleaning agent coupled with our BBQ Rescue cleaning method will make your bbq will look and operate like new. BBQ Rescue is number ONE for bbq cleaning and service in Sydney.