BBQ Troubleshooting Guide


BBQ not hot enough

This could be a result of one or many reasons including :

BBQ burners may have deteriorated and or just need a good clean out
Regulator may be faulty
Jets or gas cock may be faulty
Manifold may be blocked
Barbecue may not be set to the correct presure. Note LPG and natural gas are two differnt gas pressures.
Your BBQ may just need a good clean and service

Call the team at BBQ Rescue to identify what the problem(s) may be .

Rusting on Grills and Hot Plate

This can be provented providing your grills and plates have been corretly seasoned from the start.
Always ensure you keep your cooking surface coated in cooking oil – Canola or Olive oil is recommended.

Cooking on rusty surface

There are many differing opinions on the health hazzards of cooking on rusty surfaces. If your grills and hot plates have rusted and lost their original coating , our recomendation is to replace with new ones or upgrade to porcelin enamel or stainless steel. Don’t keep cooking on that rusty surface.

Cleaning your cooking surface after use

Best to do a quick tidy up while your BBQ is still hot.

For the hot plate just use a spatchler to remove any left over’s, then you can wipe over with a cloth or paper towel. Then coat with cooking oil.
For grills leave the bbq on and close the hood (if you have one). This will burn off and dry out any left over’s. When the grills have dried out use a bbq brush to clean down bbq grills, you should find everything just flakes off. You can also dip your brush in water , this will steam the surface. Once they are cleaned turn off your barbecue. Make sure your grill are dry then apply cooking oil. If you do this the cooking oil acts as a protective coating to your bbq plates and grills, you will find your cooking surface will remain in good condition. Then call BBQ RESCUE for your full clean and service.