The Dark Side of Grilling: Precautions to Take During Barbecue Season

Grilling has been getting a little bit of a bad rap lately. Some people have sustained injuries related to their time with the barbecue. What dangers do people face during barbecue season? Should people give up grilling?

The Dark Side of Grilling: Common Dangers to Watch For

The stories gracing the news lately have pertained to three common dangers during barbecue season.

  • Brush bristles: People who clean their own barbecue sometimes use wire brushes that are old or damaged. The result: people have had to go to the emergency room because of wires stuck in their jaw or throat. One woman in Connecticut, USA had to have one removed from her intestines.
  • Undercooked meat: According to the Australian Department of Health, over four million people suffer from food poisoning annually. Undercooked foods allow dangerous bacteria to thrive.
  • Fire: Gas grills can also pose a fire threat. The cause: leaking propane. Once the owner lights the barbecue, it ignites a ball of fire, resulting in serious burns.

How People Can Protect Themselves during Barbecue Season

Besides making sure to thoroughly cook meat this Barbecue season, what else can grill owners do to protect themselves from potential dangers? Fire hazards and cleaning brush accidents can be reduced by utilising a professional barbecue cleaning and maintenance company.

A cleaning and maintenance company can monitor the grill for safety, including checking for leaking gas or other hazards. Investing in this type of service will keep the family safe and keep barbecue season fun.

Don’t Give Up the Grill: Safety Comes First

Just because there are some dangers when it comes to grilling doesn’t mean people should retire their barbecues. Grilling steak is an Australian tradition, and one Australians aren’t likely to give up anytime soon. Nor should they! With proper maintenance, regular cleaning, and safe practices, grilling can be a safe, delicious way to prepare a feast.

Do you want to keep your barbecue tradition alive? If so, you need to exercise some precautions. We can help you do that with our cleaning and maintenance services. Contact us today for more information.