Embrace the Aussie Tradition: Barbecue Cleaning Tips

Do you agree that barbequing is a traditional Australian cooking style? Are you a fervent supporter of this Aussie Tradition? According to Nutrition Australia, barbecuing is actually an invention of the Indians in the Caribbean, who used to cook stripes of meat on a green wood grating, over a slow fire. However, this detail should not prevent you from enjoying the savour of barbecued meat and vegetables whenever you feel like it. Your only concern should be proper barbecue cleaning and maintenance, as your health and safety depend on it.

How to Prepare Your BBQ for the First Use

If your barbecue is new, it will require special care before its first use, depending on its specifics. For example, barbecues with porcelain-coated hotplates only require basic detergent washing before their first use.

Barbecues with uncoated hotplates, on the other hand, require seasoning, namely thorough washing and drying of the plates, followed by the application of a coat of cooking oil, lighting the barbecue burners, and letting the barbecue heat for three to five minutes.

Once seasoned, your barbecue is ready to use. Just remember to oil it before and after every use to prevent the meat from sticking, ease cleaning, and avoid corrosion. Also, do not neglect cleaning it, as it will influence not only the barbecue’s lifespan and functionality, but also the taste of the food you cook and your health.

3 Basic Barbecue Cleaning Tips

  1. Your BBQ should be cleaned after every use. This will keep it working better for a longer period and will prevent excess smoke and fat build-up from influencing the taste and quality of the food you grill.
  2. You should clean your grill as soon as you remove the food, while the grease and mess are still hot.
  3. Every six months or so, you should soak the hotplate in hot water and detergent. Pay attention to the detergent you use, as most of them as toxic and require thorough rinsing.

These are simple things you can do yourself, but with time, your barbecue will require more complex services. To avoid troubling yourself with DIY barbecue repair tips and barbecue spare parts acquisitions, your best bet is to contact a specialised company.

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