Getting Adventurous with Your BBQ Burners

I guarantee that unless you wrote the book on summer barbecuing, you just aren’t using your grill enough. You could be out enjoying the summer sun every chance you get with a few snags or a cheeky rissole or two. Those ideas are boring. Here are some of the more inventive ways to get more from your BBQ burners this summer season.

BBQ Pizza

Yes, this idea has been done before. Even if you own a Weber, you can still cook homemade pizza bases on the BBQ grill. As long as you’ve kept up with your BBQ cleaning, you can grill hot, fresh pizza in under 3 minutes on a hot grill. There are several ways to grill a pizza, from creating a pizza base from scratch to warming up some of that delivery from last night, to even concocting something with flatbreads from the local Greek takeaway shop.

Clams and Mussels

They say that unless you can see the sea, you can’t really appreciate seafood they way it was intended. I’m telling you, it was intended to be on the grill. BBQ a fresh batch of clams and mussels on your BBQ by wrapping up the whole batch of molluscs in foil, throw in a knob (or three) of butter, some spices for zip and pizza, and chuck the whole thing on the BBQ. In some parts of the world, you would be mistaken for royalty for eating this well.

Fruit Salad, BBQ style

Get your BBQ grill nice and hot, and grab yourself the nearest fruit. Any type of fruit works well. Coat some peaches in a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon and a few minutes on a hot grill will caramelize the whole thing. Throw some sliced bananas on the hotplate with some Grand Marnier, and you have your backyard version of Bananas Foster. Grilled apples are a delight that most have not had the privilege to taste. Fruit and BBQs go extremely well together.

Get your BBQ burners fired up and this summer you’ll have the perfect tool to cook any and every type of food. Be willing to try some of these dishes and you will never set foot in the kitchen again. Long live the outdoor BBQ.